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Adolescent & Adult Individual Therapy

All people encounter stressors and challenges daily.  Carolyn loves to work with adults and adolescent to teach strategies and skills to manage anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, poor self-esteem, and peer conflicts, in the school setting or at home. Therapy sessions can be individual to address the challenges and skills, and/or include parents/guardians to reinforce skills to work on at home, between sessions.  Therapy is most successful when clients know their goals, and have support to achieve them. 

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New Parent/Postpartum Support

Adjusting to parenthood is a major transition in life, and can bring highs and lows.  Pregnancy and becoming a new parent can bring up a lot of feelings that most women (men, too!) experience, but aren’t comfortable addressing openly.  It is so important that new parents take time to take care of themselves, so they can be the best parent they can.  Carolyn has experience working with women and couples to navigate this exciting, and sometimes difficult, transition. 

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Parenting Support

Being a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in life.  Parenting support can help answer those questions about "Am I capable", "Is this normal or a cause for concern", "How can I get my child to listen" and all the other questions that come from being a parent.  

Child Psycholgist

Behavior Support

Behavior challenges can impact the whole family.   When treating children with behavior challenges, Carolyn works with parents and siblings, offering support and techniques.    Behavior support plans for home and/or school can be key in improving a child’s functioning, relationships, self-esteem, confidence and overall success. Topics to tackle include opening lines of communication, creating healthy boundaries, and setting limits and consequences consistently.  Carolyn and also support parents in accessing Special Education support if academic, emotional or behavior concerns qualifies student for supports in school.

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Adoption Support

Carolyn has a certificate in Adoption from Rutgers University.  Adoption can present unique challenges at key points in development for adopted children, their siblings and families.  Carolyn can offer support around emotional and/or behavior issues that can affect a child’s typical development. 

Psychology Patient

LPC Clinical Supervision

Carolyn offers clinical supervision for counselors earning hours towards their Licensed Professional Counselor credential, as well as ongoing support for professional counselors.

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Moms Club

Mom’s club is a supportive, stress free zone for moms to gather, learn tips tricks and information on topics such as development milestones, managing behaviors, how to promote healthy communication within the family, and to promote wellness for mom.

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Education Support and Consultation

Going to school can be difficult for kids, both academically and socially.  Two main focuses of education support and consultation are to help children learn skills related to academic and social challenges, focusing on their strengths, and giving parents strategies to support their child's challenges.  Carolyn has experience in teaching students and parents learning strategies, coping skills and how to advocate for support in school.

Individual Therapy
Behavior Support
New Parent Support
Adoption Support
Clinical Supervision
Moms Club
Parenting Support
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